Jagui’s contribution to the Opportunity Space

By Urbain Lesbros November 22, 2018 Discover CARING project

Dear CHIC members,

This week was pretty fruitful for TΨ:

We gathered various insights to refine our opportunity space, interviewing different kind of people in their own environment. Working as pairs or alone, we managed to discover some aspects of our problematic we didn’t expect. We chose to focus on quality rather than quantity, as we were exploring and collecting some data. Quantity will come later to verify the content we will present to you on MS1.

In order to have a good grasp on everybody’s work, we were all kindly invited yesterday at Camille’s place, where we devised about next interviews and relevant content around a nice dinner.

We reduced our options and therefore improved our opportunity space, with the help of Jagui James, Camille’s cat =(^.^)= !

unstress your data!