Time is ticking…

By Florian Josselin November 25, 2018 Discover Hapstick project

Dear CHIC community,

since the article of last week, a lot happened. We started by going back to town last Saturday to interview more people and we captured a broad range of really interesting insights to work with.

Everybody met then on Monday at Nan’s beautiful house to share the insights we collected and start a first converging process. It was also important for us to share a meal together, not talking about the project, to keep building great relationships in the team. We came out with 4 big categories¬†where all our insights could fit and voted on which ones we should focus next. Our objective was then to get deeper into the two subjects we finally chose which are: wasted time because of habits and wasted time because of inefficiencies at work. On Friday a meeting was held at Diane’s place to converge again and choose the opportunity space we will present next week.

It came out to be one we wouldn’t have expected in the beginning and this is what’s great about the work process we are going through.


Team Snooze