Milestone 1 done, please now fasten your seatbelt for ideation!

By Anne-Lise Dequenne December 2, 2018 Discover AKANE project

Dear readers,

These past few days have been super intense for the Zhu Zhu team!
This week was the deadline for delivering our Milestone 1 report. Hopefully, the whole team put in it a great amount of work and we were highly satisfied. After doing some last interviews, we finalized the report and prepare the oral presentation. We ended up with a new opportunity triangle with home as physical space, young city dwellers as human space and well being as data space.
The first presentation went quite well, teachers from EPFL, ECAL, Unil and EPFL-ECAL Lab both attended the milestone presentation. We were happy to get feedback about the work we did since the kick-off weekend. Teachers highlighted that our team should narrow down our opportunity space. We are now doing some more research and may focus on « bedroom » as physical space. Indeed, during our interviews, «bed » was a recurrent insight and we could observe an emotional relationship between human and the bedroom.
This Monday is the ideation workshop and our team is super excited to move forward in the project!
We will keep you updated soon 🙂

The Zhu Zhu team