Milestone 1 – Done !

By Giulia Lécureux December 2, 2018 Discover NOX project

The first Milestone presentation is done!

Last Wednesday, our team had to present our opportunity space with our human, physical and data space.
We worked a lot all the weekend before to finalize our researches and insights, writing our report and preparing us for the presentation.
The meeting took place at the HEAD in Geneva, our supervisor and coordinator from our schools were present together with Marc Laperrouza too.

It was quite stressful but it went well! Our goal was to make them understand where we want to go, the purpose of it and that there is potential in our opportunity space.
From Loneliness, we pivot to the feeling of missing someone, and how it can make someone feels lonely. To understand better, we ended up with :

  • Human Space: Couple or family
  • Physical Space: living separately
  • Data Space: Virtual interaction/communication

And from that, our research question is:

How might we improve the interaction for couples or families living separately, because they feel a lack of emotional and physical connection in this kind of relationship?

We will have to precise our human space, meaning focusing on a particular group of people but the global idea is here.

Next step now, is the Ideation workshop on Monday at EPFL, to start defining our solution.