Milestone 2: Ready, Steady, Go !

By Giulia Lécureux December 8, 2018 Discover NOX project


Hello everyone!

This week started with a new workshop to launch us on the new Milestone Objectives: Ideation!

Now that we identified our opportunity space, and work to refine it according to the feedback we got, we can now start to think about solutions to the problems with identified.

Monday night we met at EPFL as usual for the workshop and we had to do different exercises individually to come up with the maximum of potential ideas. Not easy to start, but we ended up with a dozen of idea per person. We then discussed them and comment them within our teams, and finally reflected on the best idea of the evening, to then pitch it with an experience map.

The exercises were really useful to show us another methodology and tools to use to help us in this new process.

At the end of the week, our team met in a bar to discuss our ideas and to organize the work for the following weeks in a more relaxed atmosphere.

And here you can have a look at our ideas on paper and Loic pitching it!