Finding and developing ideas

By Loïc Blattmann December 15, 2018 Discover NOX project

Hi everyone,

Following the ideation workshop we had last week, we are still in the process of finding projects, so we did a lot of research on our theme and the already existing projects.

As well, we focused on trying to refine our Human space to a more specific one, but it’s a difficult task because we don’t want to close any door on some possible opportunities.

This week, we had a really interesting and productive meeting with Savicic Gordan, a HEAD teacher. We discussed ideas that we have and he told us the positive and negative points about them and how to improve them. He also gave us some advice as well as offering new and fresh ways of seeing our own ideas and where they may lead.

In the coming days, we will  continue our research on ideas with the advice that Mr. Gordan gave us.

Here is a short overview video on the talk of this week.