Our first pitching experience at MassChallenge

By Diane Thouvenin December 16, 2018 Discover Hapstick project

Hey readers !

Everything is going very fast in here and so many stuffs has happened since last time we wrote. Our project is going through and we are very enthusiastic about it.

Something we really wanted to share with you was the pitch session at MassChallenge last Monday.
After the ideation workshop, we had one week to prepare a presentation of our first idea.
Staying on the idea of making it easier for people with sudden medical issue to change their habits, the team voted for an idea to go on (being curious about it ? stay tuned 😉 ).

We had 10 minutes to pitch in front of the other teams, our CHIC supervisors and 4 juries from the outside specialized in pitching, entrepreneurship, business, china and mentorship.
It was a very new experience for us to pitch in front of people who had no idea of what we were doing. And it helped us a lot to realize that we should continue on refining our idea to make it easier to understand.

Thanks a lot for reading !!

PS : Our team name is going to change soon, stay tuned to find out what it is going to be !