Work in progress

By Maxim Bianchini December 23, 2018 Discover CARING project

Hi to everyone!

This week, we met at ECAL to explore the surroundings in which the two designers of TΨ (Emilie and Pablo) usually work. After an initial tour, we started to work on the continuation of our refinement to be able to converge more easily towards a final solution.

As we decided last week, we concentrated ourselves onto the medical sphere and we have discussed all the different insights that we were able to gather during the last week while conducting interviews with people directly involved in our chosen space. We could finally find three different proposals, which we will refine in the upcoming weeks to be able to present them to doctors, nurses, etc. such that we can get a direct feedback on the utility of the proposed solution. Our three solutions to further explore are:

  • Monitor: give nurses a connected device to directly access patients’ data from wherever they are
  • Pedometer: count number of steps and promote awareness of the huge work nurses are doing
  • Collector: Gather patient’s data (heartbeat, etc.) in an interactive way already in the waiting room

We are looking forward to further developing these issues.

In the meantime, we wish you all Merry Christmas!


PS: here you have a little video that shows how we explored ECAL: