Back to work!

By Maxim Bianchini January 13, 2019 Discover CARING project

Hi everybody!

I hope you are all well! At TΨ, we are finding back to normality after a little Christmas and New Year’s break. While this is the exam period and most team members are stressed with the according exam preparation, we are nevertheless continuing with the CHIC-program.

This week, we have held the first meeting of 2019 through a videoconference. This was a different type of meeting in comparison with the personal meetings that we are used to. However, it worked out really well and we will reuse it whenever it will show to be necessary. During the meeting, we decided, based on all the feedback we had on our three initial propositions, to only focus on the monitoring and life data transmission to medical personnel in a hospital for example.

Moreover, during this week, we had to submit a little reflexivity essay that is taking into account the human aspect of team work during this first semester of CHIC knowing that this very human aspect is a crucial part of the CHIC experience. In addition to that, everybody had to submit the first ideas that we want to test by building a little first prototype to see how different aspects could turn out. Exciting times are ahead of us.

Don’t get too stressed, relax a bit