Work + Exam Life!

By Harshdeep January 13, 2019 Discover Hapstick project

Hello to everyone!

This week it was mostly about everyone preparing for their exams, but wait, we did find some time to do our meeting of the new year! Yay!

In this meeting, we made sure to finalize the idea we have in mind and discuss a bit more in detail about the Milestone 2, Prototyping and Reflexivity Report. Even though, we all have exams we have decided to do meetings in the last 2 weeks of January so that we are all ready for Milestone 2.

But wait, we have an ANNOUNCEMENT – we changed our team name from “Snooze” to “Wudan”. Wudan is a Chinese word which means ‘no burden’. We chose this word because we want to make sure that patients live a ‘zero burden’ life; in short a happy life.

We will tell you about our final idea in the next blog post. So stay tuned because there is lots to share!

Have an awesome week!

Team Snooze; Sorry (not anymore)

Team Wudan