The ZhuZhu ready to Zuò

By Theo Denisart January 25, 2019 Discover AKANE project

Dear readers,

The team finished their respective exam session and is ready to for 2019. As part of an assignment, each team member had to work on a reflexivity paper and share it with the others. It proved to be a useful exercise and allowed us to take a moment to look at the foundations of the team. We decided to continue this exercise throughout the program, as taking a step back and making sure the team dynamic suits everyone is central to a successful project.

We are happy to have found professors at EPFL to supervise and guide us throughout the CHIC. In order to find the right professors, we were kindly advised by our mentors. The work to be done has been split to have a a vision on the tasks to be done and the role each Zhu will play.

Everyone is happy with this vision and we look forward to working on it.


The ZhuZhu Team