Unum+Solum meet Guido

By Giulia Lécureux January 31, 2019 Discover NOX project


Hello everyone!

It has been quite a long time since our last post, but better late than never! 😉

The exams system is a bit different in Geneva and the HES-SO than our friends from EPFL, ECAL, and UNIL. We add them all over 10 days. So the past two weeks were quite intense for us.

But we did not forget our CHIC project! And now we have a few weeks to focus only on it.

Last Tuesday, we had the pleasure to meet with Vignesh Venkatachalam and Romain Talou from last year edition (Guido team).
They gave us precious advise and recommendation on how to handle our project. It was also nice to hear about their experience, what they did wrong and what they did well and so on.


The main take away we have to remember fro them is: Prototype the more you can, test, improve and repeat!

This meeting really helped us to be back on track, and moreover, we came out with a new idea that really motivates all of us.

Keeping our core space of creating something for two persons that are distant, our Romain proposed us an idea of two connected lamps. It took us a bit of time to get this idea, but now we think we have found something interesting to work on. And as Guido’s team told us, it’s now time to build it!

The day after, Loic already built a “prototype of a prototype”. You can see it on the video here after.

(PS: We are not going to compete with Philips, we have something different in mind. We tell you more next week with some sketch and prototype 😉 )