Diving into the real world !

By Urbain Lesbros March 10, 2019 Discover CARING project

Hello dear friends!

This week was fruitful in many aspects :

Pablo proposed us a great template for the menu displayed, while Emilie presented us the aesthetic and practical possibilities of our device. The engineers team finally managed to choose several components to create our “purely” functional prototype, and also create a great sketch of the database we will provide.

But more importantly, Camille managed to set an appointment next week with a retirement home, where we will directly be able to confront our prototypes to the real world, with patients and caregivers. This only represents a segment of available markets, but it is still a great step forward 🙂 ! We hope that our prototypes will be tested in different establishments later on, such as peculiar services in hospitals, with different user segments and insights!


Stay tuned!