Prototyping weekend

By Anne-Lise Dequenne March 10, 2019 Discover AKANE project

Dear readers,

It has been a long time! 

After the kick-off weekend, we decided to stick to noise in coworking space. In our MVP, each noise sensor will be embedded in an object that will give visual feedback to users of the real-time noise level. To integrate our object well in office spaces, we thought of an object shape which would look like a plant.

Based on previous discussions, Anne-Lise (Business) has listed the different assumptions from the riskier to the least urgent, taking into account desirability, viability, and feasibility. In order to test these assumptions with customers (managers of coworking spaces) and users of the space, the team met this weekend to design some prototypes. 

While Yael (UI/UX) prepared the wireframe, Theo (Mechanical Engineering) worked on the prototype so that the cactus moves as soon as the noise level increases.

At the same time, Maxime M. (Electrical Engineering) and Maxime B. (Software Engineering) tried to run the sound sensor to send data to the computer. They want to be able to separate the frequency bands to analyze them, work on the architecture of the website and the organization of the data.

Nadia (Industrial Design) worked on formal paper models, testing with Anne-Lise different shapes of leaves and materials. At the end of the session, Théo joined to test a mechanism where the leave closes on itself.

Stay tuned for the results of interviews!

ZhuZhu Team