MS3 is approaching!

By Maxim Bianchini March 18, 2019 Discover CARING project

Hi everyone!

MS3 is slowly but steadily approaching and TΨ is getting ready! Last week, prototyping advanced considerably and also a lot of new meetings were fixed. We are going to talk to even more people in healthcare than we did until now, be it people working in hospitals or in care centers for elderly people. Exciting times for TΨ! We have also got access to already existing hospital emergency bells. So we are reverse engineering them in order to understand what are the most interesting features we can keep and which one should be modified.

Furthermore, we have had the chance to celebrate Pablo’s birthday after last week’s meeting. So, the team spirit is high and we’re all motivated to tackle MS3 in the best possible way!

So relax and lay back until you hear the next exciting news from us



A little bit of prototyping: