Milestone 3 – Checked !

By Giulia Lécureux March 22, 2019 Discover NOX project

Hi everyone!

Last Wednesday we had our Milestone 3 presentation at the HEAD in Geneva with our respective supervisors.

We made a lot of progress in the weeks before the presentation, to finally get some more final design of our set of lamps.

The presentation went well, and it was followed by a 1h30 debriefing and feedbacks that were really useful.

We need to develop and concretize more some aspect of the project.

  • Business side: improve the elevator pitch and some aspect of the business model canvas.
  • Design side: the complete user journey and the experience, push more the poetical aspect of the lamp and the connexion between the two users.
  • Engineering side: we need to take decisions on the final engineering and mechanical features, in order to have a real goal in mind for the development.

In short, there was really a lot of information and advice. Now, it is time to jump into Milestone 4 with more prototyping, taking precise decisions on the path with want to take, and develop the branding and positioning of our set of lamps.

Team Unum+Solum