Planification of the next steps

By Pablo Bellon March 29, 2019 Discover CARING project

Hi Everyone,

This week we got more into group organisation. We planned our futur meetings until MS4 and we talk again about the idea that we would like to have a moment where each of us explains what does he study and shows maybe one or two projects about that. We also want to go in the thermal baths to have another activity together than working on our project but we still couldn’t find the good moment to do it.  We also planned to talk about our team contract.

Otherwise each of us is working on his own field. Engineers are learning how to interact with the database and how we will communicate between the devices. Designers are refining the design and the visual identity. And our Businesswoman is working on our business model and market studies.

We are very confident about the way our project goes and we realize that our next step will be decisive for the success of our enterprise.

We will keep you in touch of our next advances but until then maybe you should enjoy your weekend and relax a bit.

Kisses from Tpsy Team.