We finally achieve MileStone 3 !!

By Diane Thouvenin March 31, 2019 Discover Hapstick project

All Wudans happily reunited last Monday to discuss feedbacks from MS3 !

All together, we debated and agreed on important decisions. It was a very loud and intense meeting.

It really felt like everyone was so involved. Some were sitting some standing, One was in a weird position and one was walking around. Everyone was expressing importants points, listening, challenging each other domains, shouting ORDER, finding compromise, drinking wine and eating crisps.

We discussed the technical challenge to make the prototype testable in real time condition to get beta testers. ORDER! We agreed on how we want to use the datas and handle data experience. ORDER! Refined who we target and how we design their recovery experience. ORDER! Playing cards, we refined our identity. Who we are, who we wanna be. ORDER! All in all, refine the business model ORDER!

We also had the opportunity to confront ourselves to Chinese culture, learning Chinese words and tasting Chinese product 😉

In short, this meeting was a real team building experience !

Everyone objectives are fixed for the following to come and we feel more united then ever !