E-Ink Buttons

By Morgane Zbinden April 7, 2019 Discover CARING project

Hello everyone!

This week, we have spoken with our supervisor about our prototyping.

We discuss about our buttons ! We want to create interactive buttons with sceen on it.
The best according to the interviews would be an e-ink screen with retro lighting. We are still discussing about creating it ouselve or buy it.

A good thing we are considering to use is a Neopixel which could be very useful for the patient users to have a clear feedback.
Neopixels are in relaity three light with three colours, combined, they are able to make thousends colours !

In parallel, we are comparing the different softwares deddicating to mechanical design: arduino, but also KiCAD or CATIA

To resume, the engineer part is now comparing different choices and chosing the best

Nice week to all of you !