It’s shaping up!

By Camille Glatz April 21, 2019 Discover CARING project

Hi everyone,

It all start coming together and this is very motivating!

Since our last blogpost, we have done some work. Maxim, Urbain and Emilie have started a real collaboration and are working well together. Their next challenge is to design the interior of the bell’s shell. The specifications we have set for ourselves are the following ones:

  • use less material as possible
  • design a shape that produces the cheapest possible mold
  • block the PCB in intelligent way
  • close the entire object without screws
  • integrate a support for the buttons to ensure the durability of the PCB

On the other side, the business needs to get as quick as possible the bill of material to start a real estimation of the product’s price. Camille is as well looking on different ways on how the value proposition could apply to China. Pablo and Morgane work together on the software part to see how display the data.

In addition, we all together continue to do interviews to ensure that we are always on the right track. One week ago, we contacted Patrick Zahnd, director of information system at CHUV, and Ricardo Avenenti, director procurement and biomedical engineering at HUG. Both very interested, they allowed us to make some decisions that required expert’s advices. We will keep trying to see how our business proposition can apply to EMS, we have a meeting planned on next Tuesday with the Director assistant of EMS Pré-Fleuri.

In the MS4, we received some very interesting feedback that opened new questions for our project. We will work on them to clarify some points and come back ready for MS5 !

Happy Easter

TPSY team