What’s up next?

By Harshdeep April 21, 2019 Discover Hapstick project

Hi everyone!

We are done at MS4 and we are all excited to see what is next for us and we have planned several things for MS5.

So, we have named our connected crutch as ‘HapStick’. This has given our product a new identity which would be important to introduce it to prospective customers.

We have also decided to do several other things such as:

  • Reduce the number of components from 5 to 2-3.
  • Also, make the bottom tip of the crutch more robust and also reduce the internal number of components.
  • Work on the firmware and the application for MS5 and have something minimalistic ready.
  • Start debugging the first PCB design.

Also, we need to make our business plan a bit more China-specific and have an understanding of the market as to how our connected crutches can fit in. We also plan to do some interviews and show our prototype to people so we can validate our product first hand.

We received some great feedback from MS4 and look forward to MS5.

Happy Easter to Everyone!