Great opportunities everywhere!

By Urbain Lesbros July 14, 2019 Discover CARING project

Hey there !

Here are some news after a well deserved chilly Sunday! We had two occasions to pitch on Friday, thefirst one at HAX with Maxim, and the second one at Hardware Massive with Morgane, and both were absolutely fantastic! We took note of the few comments, in order to adapt the presentation.

Those were great opportunities to meet people who had developped their business or idea in China. We mostly got insights on the know-how do Chinese do business, fairly different from what we studied.

The designers had the opportunities to attend a conference on Friday at Xivo Design, and had the opportunity to confront their views with freshly diplomed Chinese designers on Saturday, together with Camille. It was quite the thing to discover that they first design an object before finding a purpose for it. It opposes the design thinking, as we proceeded in CHIC during the first semester. But the story of the founder is a great proof of an alternative method!

On Saturday, Maxim and Urbain shared their work. Urbain went to one side of the city to meet a screen provider to FINALLY get those square screens he’s been dreaming of for 2 months. It was an awesome and kinda ironic experience to negociate the price of Intellectual Property with him. They are still disussing about it on WeChat. Maxim went to the other side of the city to visit a huge 3D printing and mold factory. He found out a great solution to the production of a batch of 1000 pieces with a plastic mold, and a way to guide the screen buttons by a double injection with ABS/Silicon. But the best surprise was for Camille, as the cost were extremely lower than those calculated before by her dearly engineers.

On Friday, the engineers went back to Huaqiangdbei to retrieve the screens they ordered from there. The same day, the PCB arrived at X-Factory, but due to the various activities we had, they will be achieved on Monday.

We are really happy about how it is going and are looking forward to further experience. As Mark, an American we met at Hardware Massive, everything goes so fast, you get addicted to it !