V0.2 on the way

By Urbain Lesbros July 16, 2019 Discover CARING project

Hello friends!

With the help of Céleste, our Chinese correspondent student here in Shenzhen, Camille managed to get great insights from her interview in Shenzhen Six People Hospital. It would greatly help us to brought our product on the market!

Most of the team went to visit the PCB factory and everyone were amazed by it, regardless their knowledge about it.

Our second prototype is on the way, as the PCB has almost every components it needs, the body is expected to come tomorrow, and the code needs to be flashed before saying Hurray. But we are still happy about our progress! Pablo is now taking care of the front-end/back-end communication and Morgane of the communication between the database and the data collected by the device.

Finally, Camille and Emilie are getting on fire for the pitch of tomorrow, strong from the improvements done from the previous one.


Stay tuned!