How to survive in a foreign country seeing your team 24/7 ?

By Diane Thouvenin July 17, 2019 Discover Hapstick project

It has been more than a week since we arrived in China and I must say that we see the other team members everyday mostly all day long (often at night as well).

Since now we had a team meeting once a week and sometimes saw each other once or twice a week to work on prototyping. So spending so much time together was something new we have to deal with. I must say it is not always easy but we all try to make it work and I would like to share with you some advices to avoid conflict and continue getting along will living together.

  • Organise the workflow : make sure that everyone has something to do and knows for when.
  • Communicate on the schedules : knowing where people are, where and when you are supposed to meet them and when are the deadlines is a good start to keep organized.
  • Try to work at the same place :¬†Sometimes you don’t know where people are and as a team it is important to know what people are doing to work on the same page. Try to work at the same place or make sure you know where people are and how you should contact them.
  • Be on time : everything goes so fast in Shenzhen and 1hour here is like a whole day in Switzerland.
  • Spend good moments together : work is one thing but team dynamism depends on how you get along together. Having a meal or a drink together is very important in order to keep a good team flow.
  • Take some time to rest : a lake of sleep can be very bad on the moral and create some conflits in-between the members. Please sleep well enough to be able to control your emotions !