A morning in Huawei

By Yael.Sidler July 19, 2019 Discover AKANE project


Hello there readers,


This morning was very special for the Zhu-Zhu team. Two of us went to Huawei’s new campus in Shenzhen. And as you can see, we couldn’t expect to see a castle from Germany. Huawei needed a new campus for their employees and decided to recreate iconic European cities to provide working space. Small cities were build all around the campus, you can eat at Paris in a Haussmann style building, then take a train to have a stroll in Luxemburg or have a bubble tea in the old town of Fribourg, a truly unique experience !

This campus was representative of the so-called Shanzai phenomenon. If something is good, why not reuse it and combine it with other things.  The visit was completed with an in depth explanation of the 5G infrastructure provided by Huawei and a generous meal.