When real life testing doesn’t go as planned…

By Anne-Lise Dequenne July 19, 2019 Discover AKANE project

Dear readers,

These last days have been crazy intense! How easy is it to find a classroom of Chinese kids from 6-12 years in the middle of the summer? I tell you… it can be hard! But after contacting many people and thanks to China magic, we manage to find an English morning class.

We were highly excited to observe the reaction of the kids but well… nothing went as planned.

First, the plant didn’t appreciate being connected to unknown wifi and we had to flash the code again. Second, a part of the mechanism which got broken yesterday and was 3D  printed in the night was ruptured again. Lastly, the cable of one PCB fall into pieces.

Even though it was a failure in term of results, it also felt as an achievement. We managed to put our device inside a class and observe the reaction of kids. They wanted to interact with the plant, touch it, shout to see if something would move. Overall, a great experience with a lot of fun!

However, next time, we will get 200% prepared.

See you soon!

ZhuZhu Team