Workshop at HKDI

By Camille Glatz July 22, 2019 Discover CARING project

Hi everyone!

Today we had a special day at HK Design Institute where all teams were split in different new teams. Each team was composed of 1 engineer, 1 business, 1 designer and 1 HK product or architecture designer. The goal of the workshop was to find a solution about specific themes related to Hong Kong and given at the beginning of the day. We had the choice between different issues such as housing, traffic, health or few others. However, we had to think about future this time; how this issue would evolve during the years and try finding a solution for the 2025 year. We started from studying the issue, then identifying different scenarios, imagining key numbers and a specific problem to finally prototyping a solution as an object. At the end, we conclude the session by presenting to a jury our solution in 2 minutes with few slides support. The day was really intense but very interesting! Some crazy ideas came out from this workshop such as Zao, t-shirts against pollution or Lucidy, a headband to take control of your dreams.

This experience was nice and we liked working on a different project for few hours, however CARING is not over yet ! Tomorrow we have our last pitch and Urbain is getting ready tonight to rock it !

Keep posted on our next article to know how it went