Few days remaining

By Loïc Blattmann July 25, 2019 Discover NOX project

Hi everyone,

Our Monday in Hong Kong was completely occupied by a design fiction organized by CHIC in collaboration with the Hong Kong Design Institute. The objective of this design fiction was, based on recent Hong Kong news, to extrapolate what this city would be in 2025 and to imagine a potential product that might be necessary for this future. Each NOX member was in different teams composed of two other CHIC students and one Chinese student. This day went very well and gave birth to many very interesting imaginary products.

Tuesday morning was occupied by a visit of the Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks. This visit was an opportunity for us to discover the LSCM company which works in the field of computer science and robotics in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong and the government. During this visit we were also able to understand what the HKSTP is and what it plans to achieve for the future of Hong Kong.

Tuesday afternoon was devoted to the preparation of the last pitch of the evening at Brinc.io. For this pitch we were able to show our lamps prototype in operation. The pitch went very well, the team of Brinc.io gave us very good feedback about our NOX lamps. We worked so long on this lamps, so we are very happy to have been able to show our functional prototypes for this last pitch.

We do not have much time left in Hong Kong and we intend to take advantage of the time left to make this trip as profitable as possible.

See you

NOX team