La Table

By Tobias Tingström October 13, 2019 Discover Canary project

“La table est un type de meuble, initialement composé d’une surface plane et horizontale.”


Noémie Soriano : Industrial Design, ECAL

Karim Khatib : Robotics Master, EPFL

Charaf-ed-dine El Fattahi : Theoretical Physicist, EPFL

Paul Fritz : Media & Interaction Design, ECAL

Tobias Tingström : Master in Information System, HEC


Less is more. We will develop this problematic throughout the CHIC project.

The less is more spirit is what marks this century! While we aim to implement it in a more specific use, it could touch various fields. Our target is to gather different stuff in one, while taking into account other aspects such as security and simplicity. It is from this starting point that we will start our CHIC journey.

Cheers 🙂