First ideas

By Arthur BRICQ October 21, 2019 Discover Roots project

Hello all,

Today, the BeeBoyzz met and discussed about our project, and what we want to do. 

As we mentioned last time, we are trying to fight against biodiversity losses. One of the problems that we encountered is linked with pollination, and with the decline of bees.  Therefore, we investigated the field of pollination and tried to understand what’s wrong and how we can make it better. An idea was “urban beekeeping”, or more generally “beekeeping”, which can be done with connected and smart beehives, user-friendly for everyone. Indeed, we know (personally) many people who would be interested by such a device, for their garden or their rooftop. 

Another idea that was mentioned and investigated was about birds. So as bees, birds are declining. The idea would be to do a connected and smart birdhouse, that would come with many other features in order to monitor the user’s garden / balcony with a set of sensors as camera, air quality sensor, temperature, humidity, microphone, soil quality sensor. So the user would get a way to have nice birds in its garden / balcony, to measure things about its environnement, and to have a lucrative way to help birds to survive during the winter. 

We also are interested by insects, in a broader way. They are also pollinators. We also know that their consumption for food supply is going to increase. So we thought about insects farms to produce them. For instance, ladybugs are very efficient when it comes to killing invaders from the plants (other insects that come to eat plants). So farmers (especially organic farmers) are interested by them to ‘clean’ their farms from those invaders, without using pesticides.  We can think of many other applications, like a small farm of eatable insect to produce them in order to cook them later, because insects are full of proteins and they don’t consume too much water to be grown. 

At the end of the meeting, we are still wondering what will our project be about, what’s the best choice for us ! We allow us one more week to explore different opportunities and plan to meet next monday to try to narrow our field of research.