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Team 4 – 2019-2020 –
Enhance the relationship between plants and humans.

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Appelant getting lunched

November 28, 2019

Today we had a group meeting which helped us define a little bit more our solution. After some research and many discussions, we got to understand a few point about… [...]

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Reaching for the light

November 22, 2019

Plants love light: at every moment billions of trees worldwide stretch, twist and do everything possible to reach their sunny place in the forest. As a tree that is looking… [...]

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A productive week

November 12, 2019

This week was a very productive week for our team, and at the end of it we now know we must (very likely) change our name soon.  After having dived… [...]

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New Ideas

November 8, 2019

Hi folks!   Today we brainstormed a lot about our subject and ideas.   We are trying now to focus on something more accurate than just big themes. So, we… [...]

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First ideas

October 21, 2019

Hello all, Today, the BeeBoyzz met and discussed about our project, and what we want to do.  As we mentioned last time, we are trying to fight against biodiversity losses.… [...]

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October 13, 2019

We are the Beeboys! Moderns societies are facing challenges of biodiversity loss and climate changes. It is a known fact that societies must adapt to a new system that is… [...]

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Team members

Profile picture of Arthur BRICQ
  • Arthur BRICQ

  • Software Engineering
  • EPFL
Profile picture of Malik Sobgoui
  • Malik Sobgoui

  • User Experience
  • ECAL
Profile picture of Leonardo Mussa
  • Leonardo Mussa

  • Electronic Engineering
  • EPFL
Baccalauréat universitaire en systèmes d'information et science des services - Université de Genève
Profile picture of Martynas Savickas
  • Martynas Savickas

  • User Experience
  • UNIL
Profile picture of Alan Schopfer
  • Alan Schopfer