First thing first

By Tobias Tingström October 24, 2019 Discover Canary project

Last Friday was the first meeting of « La table » Team. The aim of this session was to develop the team bounding and start to brainstorm about the “Less is more” topic.

Each member of the group shared about her / his conception of “Less is more” and how this way of life could be link to a problematic. Various ideas were approached like how media over load us with useless information, how over-consumption and waste is seen nowadays, even how penitentiary have seamlessly adopted a “less is more” approach out of necessity.

We talked at great length about the impact of sound in the streets, homes, work on us and how this could be related to our main research topic.

In the end, we realized that “Less is more” is a wide subject that can be implemented in many ways. Overall we are happy about this meeting because it was a way to get to know each other more and learn how to work with each other.

See you next week !