New Ideas

By Malik Sobgoui November 8, 2019 Discover Roots project

Hi folks!


Today we brainstormed a lot about our subject and ideas.


We are trying now to focus on something more accurate than just big themes. So, we figured out that our last ideas with the insects was a little bit too specific and difficult to visualize. The one with the bird also felt uncertain because of the field limitation. It’s hard to work with living organism that require collaboration as it’s hard to control it.


We ended up thinking about working with plants as they are also part of the ecosystem and important members for the biodiversity. Plants are also more related to the people as, not like insects, almost everyone has it in their place.


Our research is now heading to the plant-health-caring field. It’s a kind of late turn in our project but we do believe it is necessary in order to be confident with the connected device we want to develop.


We are now doing interviews to get other points of view and helping us to choose wisely. Later, we’ll elaborate a story to tell the audience about our project.