The progress of the project

By Noémie Soriano November 17, 2019 Discover Canary project

This week we had to present our opportunity space. For this reason we discussed at length and summarized our perception of the initial theme of the \”Less is more\”.

We can therefore ask, what does \”Less is more\” mean according to La Table ?

\”Less is more\” can be applied to many fields such as design, engineering, art or ecology. The theme came with the idea to reduce consumption or at the very least make people aware of it. With Less is more as the starting point we began digging in this direction, thinking conceptually and in terms of design. Objects designed with a minimalist approach are really simple esthetically to make their use more accessible but can also be made with the intent of creating an object of which the use cannot be hijacked.

We kept digging, thinking about overproduction and by that extent pollution. There are many different types of pollution; environmental pollution which is caused by our raising demand of consumer goods, image pollution which means our desensitization to most visual media and is caused by the excessive use of social media and advertising. Finally we reached the topic of noise pollution, which anyone can experience in a noisy environment such as an open space office, the streets of a city, etc. Sound is everywhere. It is a very important aspect of our lives that we tend too often to forget because it is invisible. However, the world of acoustics surrounds us everyday. Silence is a utopia, even in the most quiet environment we can still hear ourselves.

To us sound seems to be a good theme to talk about the notion of Less is more.


We are looking forward to presenting you the continuation of our project, hoping that this introduction has aroused your curiosity.
See you next week