Reaching for the light

By Leonardo Mussa November 22, 2019 Discover Roots project

Plants love light: at every moment billions of trees worldwide stretch, twist and do everything possible to reach their sunny place in the forest.

As a tree that is looking for its bright spot, we have been “stretching” our imagination looking for a bright idea, one that will turn our intuitions into an applicable opportunity.

As we mentioned in previous posts, our goal is  to explore the “poetic” relationship that we humans have with plants, creating a bridge between our emotions and the needs of our green and silent companions.

In our quest for the “eureka” moment we stumbled upon some promising ideas: lights, sounds, screens could be used to enhance our relationship with plants,  radically changing the way we interact with them.

What if we were able to give plants a face, or even a voice?  What if we could make them fun, playful and responsive?

The device we envision is a “simultaneous translator”, an object that turns their language made of clorophill and chemistry into emotions and feelingsthat we can easily read and respond to.

Plants have been silent for too long, it’s time to let them get on stage.