Appelant getting lunched

By Arthur BRICQ November 28, 2019 Discover Roots project

Today we had a group meeting which helped us define a little bit more our solution.

After some research and many discussions, we got to understand a few point about houseplants.

  • More light is always better than less
  • One’s more likely to kill his plant by overwatering instead of under-watering.
  • But under-watering remains a problem for a few of us.
  • It is good practise to flush the soil once in a while.
  • It is good practise to repot the plant once the roots have become too big

The device that we have been thinking about would be a connected adaptable stem-sensor with immediate visual feedback displayed over the sensor (probably using a library of emojis and LED slidebars) also connected to a mobile app, and (hopefully) connected to sap-sensor (sève, in french), the “blood” of the plant, which could give us indications about how big is plant (and therefore the size of the roots). The device would know which type of plant it is dealing, in order to maximise the quality of the provided information.

Therefore, it comes with 2 new features which are not present in today’s market:

  1. A direct feedback of the plant’s states without the need to go into some app
  2. A measurement of the plant’s blood, which is not an accessible sensor today

We keep digging into the topic, and hope to find some great things ! But we are really excited about defining a great solution.

Cheers to all,

The Applant team