We have a solution!

By Nicolas Mauroux December 2, 2019 Discover Check-y project

Dear ResourceFul’s fans,

On Monday, we had an ideation workshop, and we came up with loads of solutions. During this workshop, we were supposed to draw every idea that came to our mind, and we were pretty productive. The next step was to group them by theme.

We had the following categories:

  • Monitor shocks via sensors integrated to the neck protection,
  • Monitor impacts via a balaclava under the helmet,
  • Monitor shocks via a device fixed around or in the ear,
  • Film the match and then use algorithms to check how violent were the impacts,
  • Use the deformation to know how strong was the shock,
  • Implant a chip under the skin directly on the skull,
  • Design a mouthguard with built-in sensors,
  • Add a detector directly on the helmet to monitor the head acceleration,

We spent our week thinking about those ideas. During our weekly meeting, we shared our different arguments against or in favor of each approach.

Finally, after an hour of discussion, we chose two ideas which, from our point of view, are the best ones. The problems with the others were, among others, how difficult it can be to get some medical authorizations, as well as the lack of precision (for the neck solution and device on the helmet).

Next week, we will contact the Swiss Concussion Center, prepare two surveys for the kids and their parents, and look for useful sensors for our device.

Be sure to read our next blog post for some exciting news!