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The Shockeys

Team 2 – 2019-2020 – Building a connected device that monitors head impacts sustained by young hockey players in order to preserve their brain health

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Milestone 3 and coronavirus

March 22, 2020

Hi everyone! We hope you're all healthy and at home during these unusual times.   Due to the current situation, the CHIC project has been put on hold for all EPFL… [...]

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A lot of work

March 8, 2020

Hello, dear followers of the CHIC Projects! The Shockeys are working hard on Milestone 3 to give the best overview of our device.   Diane and Taavet had a long talk… [...]

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Pieces are coming together

March 4, 2020

Hi everyone!   The past weeks have been tough for the world as the outbreak of coronavirus is spreading across the world and has hit Switzerland. Thankfully, the Shockeys are… [...]

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Kickstarting the Spring Semester

February 25, 2020

Hi everyone! Last week was really packed with Milestone 2 and the lift-off weekend. This week was a bit lighter for our team. Marine is (finally!) enjoying her holidays. The… [...]

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2nd Milestone

February 16, 2020

Hi everyone !!! The ResourceFul team has just evolved into ……. the Shockeys !!! This week has been super productive for the team. Real environment testing, hardware making, and design… [...]

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First tests with ESP 32

February 9, 2020

Hi everyone! This week was really fun for everybody on the team! We were on holiday, but we managed to work on our project, and actually, we made a lot… [...]

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“Holidays” & Digital meetings

February 2, 2020

Hi everyone!   Some news from the RessourceFul team :D   Now that most of us are on holiday, we can work full time on our idea. But when we… [...]

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Attending the Youth Olympic Games!

January 27, 2020

Hi everyone! This week, the Resourceful team managed to meet twice  (insert small victory dance!). On Wednesday, we went to the final of the ice hockey men’s tournament of the… [...]

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A new year is coming

January 15, 2020

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve posted a blog post. We took that time to recharge by spending quality time with our respective families during Christmas. But now,… [...]

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End of semester

December 22, 2019

Hello Everyone, We have arrived at the end of the semester but our project continue! Indeed one of our robotic engineers have already designed a little prototype of an accelerometer.… [...]

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Pitching at Mass Challenge

December 15, 2019

Hi everyone! Time flies with the semester coming to an end. It’s already time for an update from the Resourceful team. We kicked off the week with Mass Challenge. We… [...]

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Team building at Champéry and validating our assumptions

December 8, 2019

Hi everyone!  Last weekend, we decided to take team-bonding to the next level. We all went to Champéry for the weekend. It was a unique opportunity to spend some quality… [...]

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We have a solution!

December 2, 2019

Dear ResourceFul’s fans, On Monday, we had an ideation workshop, and we came up with loads of solutions. During this workshop, we were supposed to draw every idea that came… [...]

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We survived Milestone 1

November 24, 2019

Hi everyone! The Resourceful team brings you the latest news. It's done! We survived milestone number one! Together, we presented our project to our supervisors and other members participating in… [...]

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Ready for Milestone 1

November 14, 2019

Hi everyone!   This is it. Tomorrow is the D-day: Milestone 1!   Report. Check. Appendix. Check. Presentation’s story. Check. Slides deck. Work in progress.   As expected, this week… [...]

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Interviews, Mentors, and Milestone 1…

November 11, 2019

Hi everyone!   What’s new in the Resourceful team?   We interviewed several people to choose which field we will explore during the next steps. We decided to work on… [...]

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Refining our opportunity choice

November 3, 2019

Hi everyone!   Last week, we brainstormed a lot and chose eight ideas to explore further. Each of us had the responsibility to present one or two topics.    This… [...]

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Learning through Planning

October 26, 2019

Hello everyone! Resourceful at your service! This week, the Resourceful team took part in a project management workshop at EPFL to plan ahead and see what could and will be… [...]

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Kick-off week-end and team building

October 13, 2019

Hi everyone! We are the “Resourceful” team, and we're thrilled to join the CHIC community. We're a multidisciplinary team of five extremely motivated students: Marine Fondin, ECAL student in Industrial… [...]

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Team members

Open-minded, dynamic and motivated, I can easily adapt to any situation. I am self-sufficient, but I enjoy team work. Attention to detail means that I take important tasks in my stride. Thanks to my creativity, I like to bring new and innovative ideas to find an optimal solution even with the most complicated problems.
Profile picture of Nicolas Mauroux
  • Nicolas Mauroux

  • Business
  • UNIL
Profile picture of Taavet Kangur
  • Taavet Kangur

  • Electronic Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
  • EPFL
Profile picture of Marine Fondin
  • Marine Fondin

  • Industrial Design
  • ECAL
Profile picture of Diane Marquette
  • Diane Marquette

  • Firmware Engineering
  • EPFL
Profile picture of Maëlick Brochut
  • Maëlick Brochut

  • Firmware Engineering
    Software Engineering
  • EPFL