Productive week – we have our two opportunity spaces!

By Christophe Schranz December 8, 2019 Discover WatchOn project

Dear all,

We have been busy this week as we had two important steps.

First, as said in our previous post, the team met on Monday to talk about the best opportunities to choose. We first put the less innovative opportunities aside and voted to select the 2 most interesting opportunity spaces.

We then presented our two problematics to our supervisors on Wednesday. The meeting was really interesting as they challenged the team with relevant thoughts and suggested alternative ideas to explore. As a result, we have now two very interesting problematics to go into in-depth:
How might we help people with Alzheimer’s to be more independent?
How might we facilitate the life of a woman taking the contraceptive pill?

Now that we have our two opportunity spaces, we will have to make a lot of in-depth researches to come up with relevant and achievable solutions for the next major step.

In the next week post’s we will probably share with you the state of our researches.

In the meantime, have a good week!