We provide a connected strap for classical watches
to help alzheimer’s caregivers easily take care
and find a lost relative.
Connected with an application, you can know where is your relative at any time.


It has never been so easy to take care of your relative

Taking care of a beloved one with Alzheimer's disease is really hard. You have to be careful and available at any time. It is really stressful, and we know it. That is why we provide you with a new solution to take care of your relative, one that will allow you to relax.

Customize as you need

With WatchOn, you can customize your experience just as you need. It makes your life so much easier.


Habits-based safe zones

You can set safe zones that your relative know. You can set a perimeter or even specific itineraries!

Notifications at right time

You want to get notifications at the right time, right? You can customize all your notifications in-app.

Precise live-location

We provide with precise live-location information to give you everything you need to find your relative quickly.

1 week battery duracy

You don't have to care about charging the device everyday. Our device offers you a 1 week battery life duracy.

Live position, safe zones customization and more

WatchOn App provide you a new way to take care of your relative. All you have to do is set it up. Once done, you're good to go! You can set safe zones like a perimeter of even specific itineraries. When your relative move too far away, you are notified with his position. It is just simple as that.

Application render

Team members

CFC of Graphic Design
Profile picture of Lucie de Martin
  • Lucie de Martin

  • Industrial Design
  • ECAL
Profile picture of Bastien Pfister
  • Bastien Pfister

  • Mechanical Engineering
Technicien ES en génie électrique
Profile picture of Ricardo Neves Pereira
  • Ricardo Neves Pereira

  • Electronic Engineering
CFC d'employé de commerce (Mobilière Assurance Suisse SA)
Profile picture of Yannick Vallat
  • Yannick Vallat

  • Business
Profile picture of Loris Gilliand
  • Loris Gilliand

  • Software Engineering
Profile picture of Christophe Schranz
  • Christophe Schranz

  • User Experience

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