Team building at Champéry and validating our assumptions

By Marine Fondin December 8, 2019 Discover Check-y project

Hi everyone!

 Last weekend, we decided to take team-bonding to the next level. We all went to Champéry for the weekend. It was a unique opportunity to spend some quality time together around a delicious Swiss-style raclette. We also did an escape room and a short walk in the mountains.
Our accommodation was located in front of the Palladium where a junior hockey competition was held! So we went there to analyze the young players in real-time. We also spent some time working on MassChallenge Switzerland, which will take place this Monday!
In a nutshell, it was really an unforgettable weekend, and these bonds that we strengthened will definitely help us during our project.

 Furthermore, we interviewed this week a sports doctor who kindly received us and confirmed our assumptions. We also discussed on Skype with a biomedical engineer, who is a senior researcher at the Swiss Concussion Center. His expertise was extremely helpful in understanding how complex concussions are. His valuable comments allowed us to confirm some of our hypotheses and finally pick the best solution for our opportunity.

 Thanks for reading us. See you next week!