The drawing board

By Isaac Stern January 13, 2020 Discover FlyQ project


We took a break from posting over the holidays, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t hard at work. Before the break we had picked our opportunity space, and since then we’ve had our hands full. Our heads full too for that matter. Full of ideas, that is. We’ve been coming up with ideas as fast as we can, and then tearing them apart, analysing their strengths, and their weaknesses. Some ideas survived longer than others. Some ideas puttered out. Others went out with a bang, and from the ashes new ideas blossomed. It’s been an exhilarating ride trying to find our one great idea, and it’s not over yet, but we have honed our list down to just 4 ideas that we feel have potential. In the coming days and weeks, we will need to make some tough choices, to pick just one idea that we feel will be worth all the blood sweat and tears that lie ahead. Today we met with our mentors and got some invaluable feedback. They gave us the best advice they could, but ultimately the choice is ours. Here’s to hoping we choose wisely.