Edition 2019-2020


Team from Geneva for CHIC 2019-2020

Our blog

Funneling our ideas

December 2, 2019

All together again and sharing ideas. We have been defending our views and looking for new methods to boost our creativity. It is now time to narrow down the scope… [...]

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The team is finally together!

November 23, 2019

Since we were only five members during the kick off week-end and the initial sixth member had to resign on this project, we didn’t get to know the remaining member… [...]

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Team members

Profile picture of Stéphane Oliveira Paredes
  • Stéphane Oliveira Paredes

  • Firmware Engineering
    Software Engineering
Profile picture of Isaac Stern
  • Isaac Stern

Profile picture of Anuraag Pothula
  • Anuraag Pothula

  • Electronic Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
Profile picture of Somaya Belkaied
  • Somaya Belkaied

  • Industrial Design
  • HEAD
Profile picture of Amsatou Diop
  • Amsatou Diop

  • HEAD
Profile picture of antoinepinede
  • antoinepinede

  • Business
  • HEG-GE