“Holidays” & Digital meetings

By Nicolas Mauroux February 2, 2020 Discover Check-y project

Hi everyone!


Some news from the RessourceFul team 😀


Now that most of us are on holiday, we can work full time on our idea. But when we are on holiday, it’s hard for us to meet physically, so we had our first fully digital meeting.


We also ordered our first products. We will now be able to test a spray to make our electronics waterproof. Indeed, as ice hockey players sweat during games, we don’t want any problem with that.


Our engineers will also work on the communication. We have bought the hardware we need and they will now work on the software part.


We’re also trying to refine our customer segment to make the most suitable product and then come with a business plan.


Wish us good luck with all the work we need to do before mid-February.


Stay tuned, and see you next week!