By Barbara Tomarchio February 7, 2020 Discover Odeji project

Hello everyone,

We decided to make 4 different prototypes designed to improve the quality of meetings.

The first prototype is simply several hourglasses that will be distributed to the participants of the meeting so that everyone is aware of their speaking time.

The second one is a connected box allowing the members to vote anonymously on decisions made during conferences. This tool takes into account everyone’s opinion and allows them to bring their voices to the surface and reach a consensus on any topics of discussions in a timely manner.

The third one is a web app that allows people to visualize what needs to be done and the time allocated for each action item.

The last prototype is an electronic talking stick that allows users to better manage everyone’s speaking time in order to listen more attentively to each other.

We are currently looking for contacts to test these prototypes.

Stay tuned!