Spaghetti and pie, and amazing things in the sky.

By Isaac Stern March 9, 2020 Discover FlyQ project

Since Milestone 2 the team members have been concentrating on their respective fields of expertise. Business has been digging into pie charts, with the first results back from our desirability survey. We still need more results, so the whole team would be very grateful if you would take 3 minutes to answer it The engineering team has been getting their hands dirty in the spaghetti wire mess that is electronic prototyping. The design team has been feasting its eyes on the beautiful flying creations of Léa Pereyre, to gain inspiration and insight into how to take a cold electronic drone and turn it into an object of desire. It’s early days, and for now we just have bits and pieces of our solution, but as a team we will work hard to bring it all together into one amazing product.