Brainstorming on features, models and technical solutions

By Svetlana Ershova March 7, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Tikku project

While waiting impatiently for the parcel containing our first component’s order, the team makes use of  time to brainstorm on the possible features Tikku drumsticks could carry. Our goal is to imagine and share all kinds of ideas and engineering solutions, even the craziest ones… Who knows? Perhaps a detail, which seems us unimportant or crazy, would become a pleasant innovation or just appreciate by our users.

After our energy, as well as the our beer were at their end, we proceeded to the sorting of the results of brainstorming, which were from our point of view, the most interesting to test in the customer surveys. For instance, the leading features, that could be added to the basic model of drumsticks are the integrated metronome, allowing the player to stick to the rhythm using vibrations or LED lamps, the recording of performance or the work’s progress tracking. These are basically the ideas for Tikku seen as a musical instrument to learn drums in a cool way. For Tikku perceived as a game, then the features like competition and challenges for multiplayers or drum “karaoke” could be a value for the gamer.

Anyway, it remains to finish the interviews with the customers, but for the moment, we are facing a very interesting outcome…

We are going on – stay in touch with Tikku!