Tikku is a pair of connected musical sticks, that will allow you to generate the sound you imagined without any constraint. Tikku is all about entertainment in music, in the same idea as Guitar Hero or Wii, but with a great advantage of portability.


Want to feel like a musician for a day?

Have you ever been in a rock concert and realized, that the drummer was really doing nice job? At this moment you probably were ready to buy your own drumset and take courses just to feel closer to your idol. But when you came home, all your sweet dreams were broken by the reality obstacles: space,

Connect your Tikku sticks and start playing!

Move your sticks in the air, without touching anything. The sound will come through the speakers of the device you conne


100% Portable

Tikku are light and can be paired with any device. Camp, beach, friend’s house? You choose where to bring them!

Money saving

Airdrums do not suppose the purchase of expensive installations, nor money spending for music courses.

Time saving

With Tikku you do not face boring practicing hours and solfeggio. Enjoy only the pleasant side of music playing!

A thrilling game

To help you understand how it works and guide you with visual indications.

Open the app and connect by Bluetooth. That’s it!

Launch the game and follow the circles on the screen to explore the space around you. Turn the metronome on to help you keep the rhythm or keep the track of your performance by using the recording option. Register in Tikku community to share multi-player sessions!

Application render

Team members

Israel Cayetano is a Mexican student of the Master in Microengineering at EPFL. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, where he graduated obtaining a national prize for outstanding performance. He has participated in international programs in France and Germany regarding the field of industrial automation. Recently, he has worked on projects concerning signal processing. He has also collaborated in projects focused on improving the quality of education. He is passionate about technological advances, innovation, languages, world history and music.
Profile picture of Israel Cayetano Jimenez
  • Israel Cayetano Jimenez

  • Firmware Engineering
  • EPFL
After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Management, Svetlana decided to focus on Management in the area of Information Systems. She is now doing a Master, working in the EMBA HEC Lausanne and playing piano or organ in the church in her spare time. She speaks 4 languages: Russian, French, English and German and recently started to learn Chinese.
Profile picture of Svetlana Ershova
  • Svetlana Ershova

  • Business
  • UNIL
Born in 1993 in Italy, Ludovico completed his bachelor in electrical engineering in Rome, after which he started his master studies at EPFL, in Robotics and autonomous systems. He loves snowboarding, tennis and canoeing and he's always available for a chess match. He plans to go to Mars one day.
Profile picture of Ludovico Novelli
  • Ludovico Novelli

  • Software Engineering
  • EPFL
Szabolcs was born in 1992 and grew up in Hungary. He did his Bachelor studies in electrical engineering with a specialization in embedded systems at Budapest University of Technology and spent an exchange semester in École Centrale Paris. Currently he's following MSc. studies in Information Technologies at EPFL's Electrical Engineering department. He loves traveling, skiing, tennis, gastronomy and always ready to burn up the dance floor.
Profile picture of Szabolcs Balasi
  • Szabolcs Balasi

  • Electronic Engineering
    Firmware Engineering
  • EPFL
Adrian is an industrial designer. Born in California, he spent his childhood between the US and France. He obtained a BTS in Industrial Design in 2014 at Condé Lyon, and is currently continuing his industrial design studies at ECAL.
Profile picture of Adrian Woo
  • Adrian Woo

  • Industrial Design
  • ECAL
Berenice is a third year Bachelor at Ecal in the Interaction Design section. She discovered this section through the open doors of the school , it was a true discovery. She always loved the interaction with others and it is a playful and fun way for her to interact with objects, subjects and people.
Profile picture of berenicedecasteja
  • berenicedecasteja

  • User Experience
  • ECAL

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