A small step closer to our first prototype !

By Chenyue Du April 11, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Hibachi project

One of our most important components is arrived!

With the Silicone Rubber heater, we are now able to test our heating system. To check quickly the heating behaviour of the heater, we pasted it on an aluminium plate and measured the temperature of the plate. Then, we made the heating of 0.5L water in a small aluminium cake pan covered by a plastic pocket folder.

2016-04-07 17.37.542016-04-07 17.47.50

The heating efficiency about 50%. So to improve that energy conversion, our next step is to print the casing of the heating system and the insulation material for the Al plate.

Stay tuned for the coveted 3D printing !