Rollercoaster Week – 🎢

By Luca Reut April 2, 2017 Edition CHIC 2016-2017Discover Todoo project

This week we became aware of what a project like CHIC is, with moments of doubt but also reflections and teamwork in order to find a way to cross the barriers that are on our way.

As a reminder (Right here), we explained last week that we had to pay particular attention to the size of the battery that seriously compromised the realization of a watch.

It’s therefore on this problematic that we have activated last days. At first, we all met on Monday so that everyone gives their opinion. Should we rethink a bigger object ? Should we think of two versions developed in 2 strokes ? Do we have to carry out simultaneously a functional prototype and a visual prototype ? These are some questions that we have addressed without a definitive answer.

On Tuesday, we went to the ECAL to meet Michel Charlot (Professor of Industrial Design), Vincent Jacquier (Resp. in Visual Communication) and Cyril Diagne (Resp. in Media Interaction Design) in the hope that they give us some answers. And we were not disappointed. This discussion has been fruitful because we have put a finger on an interesting element: Why not first introduce a battery less efficient but smaller size ? It would be possible to make a watch to carry out our tests and show our product. Then, in a second time, the watch could be improved in terms of autonomy. So, it’s with a smile that we finished this meeting.

However, this moment was of short duration 😉. After reflection, the engineers warned us that they didn’t have at the disposal a battery small enough to go on a watch. Let’s go ! We have to think about another alternative !

So we finish this week with interrogations but, be sure, we are very far from conceding defeat 😉. With this team, it’s certain that we will very quickly find a way to circumvent this technical constraint. We have also asked for the expert opinions of Marc Laperrouza and Alexander Wayenberg and we look forward to their feedback.

We start this week with many hopes and we will come back to you in a few days with a clear direction for the continuation of our project. So stay connected and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have proposals, we are takers 🙂. See you soon !